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Un artiste, une œuvre #2
(press review/revue de presse)



L'Alsace may 28th/mai 2013

Debate around artworks in the Pax centre

The reception hall of the Pax socio-cultural centre has been changed into a small art gallery where fourteen artists present their works.

The exhibition is heterogeneous since it includes oil paintings, pictures, “false” fossils made of stones deliberately buried during several months and other installations. A painting jointly created by Vito Cecere and the children of the Medico-Educational Institute Les Écureuils appeals people with its freshness and bright tones. The crucifix by Anthony Vest and Marie-Jo Gebel, created from inner tubes, valves and nails, calls out and provoked positive debates during the vernissage. “These artistic discoveries have to promote the access to culture for everyone, bring an open-mindedness and provoke debates”, states Pascale, the director of the socio-cultural centre. Vincente Blanchard’s shrub and Vincent Schueler’s spiders corresponded to the organizers’ hope and arouse many questions.

Presented until 7 June, this exhibition is not only a showcase for artists’ work but also a call for creativity addressed to the schools’ pupils who plan to visit it.

        Jean-Paul Frey

Until 7 June at the opening times of the Pax sociocultural centre. 54, rue de Soultz in Mulhouse. Free admission.

(under photo)

The shrub of the artist Vincente Blanchard raided al ot of questions from the visitors.

article published at the time of the exhibition/ 
article publié à l’occasion de l'exposition :
Un artiste, une œuvre #2

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