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Soleil vert #3
(press review/revue de presse)



Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace july 8th/juillet 2012


Art’s head

A strange artwork has been placed in a hole at the entrance of rue du Sauvage for fifteen days. About thirty heads have been left there…without any explanation.

HOW MANY PEOPLE have stopped before the hole? It’s hard to say. In any case, those who took some time to take a brief look were surprised to discover strange heads….or more precisely strange faces. About thirty terra cotta masks were carefully left in that hole surrounded by barriers. But there is no signature or indication to understand if it was a construction hole that an unknown artist was illegally squatted or a proper masterful artwork.
We even went to investigate at the city council and interviewed Michel Samuel Weis, in charge of culture, who either couldn’t give any explanation. Stanger still, the hole was partly filled with cement. This may bury forever what was maybe an artwork. If there is one thing to remember is that art can be discovered anywhere…even in a hole.


(under the pictures)
Faces in a hole...

An artwork completely buried.

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Soleil vert #3

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