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L'hebdo august 17th/août 2017


Early August, on St-Saturnin archeological site, the visual artist and sculptor Porte Renaud presented an artwork created with the public and composed of 13 fragments. This work can be seen at the Gallo-Roman villa.



Sud Ouest august 4th/août 2017




Creating artworks with a sculptor


He matters to write his name with lower case. The artist porte renaud is a young sculptor currently living in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) after spending some time in Berlin. Until 17th August, he is participating in a creative residence on Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois archeological site, "to work on an interactive creation as visitors are asked to take part in my sculptural gesture".


Vitalizing the site

Organized by Perle Lesimple, a cultural mediator for the communauté de communes (community of communes) of Aunis Sud, this residence contributes to vitalize the site where take place workshops, theater meetings or "aperitif excavations" which enable people to better understand the work done to reveal this 4th century Gallo-Roman villa.

"I use methods and forms taken from archeology's world", porte renaud explains. His face appears in multiple fragments, funding the sculptures being created. "The need of others to make sculpture is nourished by my various experiences in popular education. Making with others to encourage them to be stakeholders, and not just spectators."

Véronique Amans


The artist will be present everyday, except on weekends, and invites people to share this moment of creation. No age restriction. Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois archeological site, from 10:00 to 12:30 am and from 2:30 to 6:00 pm.


(under the picture)

The artist porte renaud invites people to make sculpture with him, on Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois archeological site.


L'hebdo july 27th/juillet 2017




Residence of the visual artist Renaud Porte at the Gallo-Roman villa until 17th August. He will present his poetic and sculptural interpretation of archeology, his fantasist shadow lighting up the scientific research on the site. Free admission. Further information on 05 46 07 22 33.

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