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Les poussières des autres
(press review/revue de presse)


Porte Renaud, Les poussières des autres : une exposition, laboratoire d'œuvres en transformation

Porte Renaud investit l'espace du Séchoir, nouvel espace de création et d'exposition à Mulhouse (qui regroupe des ateliers d'artistes), avec des œuvres réinstallées in situ, qui recomposent un environnement, un espace qui plonge le visiteur dans un temps antérieur, quasi géologique.

Pour l'artiste, la sculpture est une expérience de travail de la matière où le corps laisse des traces, mémoire du temps et du déplacement. Au sol, la première œuvre Mes poussières, les vôtres, a trouvé une seconde vie. L'artiste la redécouverte. Il réveille la mémoire de ses pièces antérieures et utilise l'espace d'exposition comme un atelier pour expérimenter des matières et proposer des expériences aux visiteurs. Un passage est ainsi recouvert d'argile crue, dont les formes et fragments semblent résulter de passages. Cette installation fonctionne à la fois comme un chemin à emprunter ou un barrage, à contourner. Le mur qui longe cette traversée est une œuvre in situ, qui se laisse voir, qu'après un temps de concentration du regard.

Porte Renaud présente également de nouvelles œuvres, caractéristiques de son processus créatif : il travaille la sculpture en fonction des espaces que le corps habite et pratique. Saillie apparait comme une forme organique, une matière figée, comme prête à se transformer. Au sol, avec Alter, une série de sculptures composées de plâtre, de piques-oiseaux et de minéraux, l'artiste crée une sorte de paysage archéologique. Les pièces, par leur étrange apparence, attirent et repoussent à la fois. Elles peuvent évoquer des processus naturels, sortes d'éléments issus de mondes disparus.

L'artiste nous offre aussi des sculptures en transformation, témoignages d'un travail en constante évolution. Praxis est une installation in process. Elle présente des pièces, des formes, tels des éléments en attente d'être déplacés et exposés. Ces traces, fragments de recherche font œuvre tout en évoquant l'espace de l'atelier.

Cette exposition, réalisée avec la complicité de l'artiste et du commissaire d'exposition Mickaël Roy invite le spectateur à une expérience perceptive de l'espace. Porte Renaud prolonge son expérimentation de la sculpture, la matière déborde et s'inscrit dans l'architecture du lieu.


Une exposition de Porte Renaud à découvrir jusqu'au 5 juillet.


Pauline Lisowski 

30 juin 2015


Porte Renaud, Other's dusts: an exhibition, a laboratory of works being transformed

Porte Renaud invests the space of Le Séchoir, a new creative and exhibition space in Mulhouse (which gathers artists' workshops), with works reinstalled in situ, recomposing an environment, a space leading the visitor into an earlier, almost geological time.


For the artist, sculpture is an experience of work with material where the body leaves prints, memory of time and movement. On the ground, the first work "My Dust, yours", found a second life. The artist rediscovers it. He awakens the memory of his previous artworks and uses the exhibition space as a workshop to experiment with materials and offer visitors experiences. Thus, a passage is covered with raw clay, whose shapes and fragments seem to result from passages. This installation represents whether a roadway or a dam, to bypass. The wall that runs along this passage is an in situ work, which can be seen only after a period of concentration of the gaze.


Porte Renaud also presents new works, characteristic of his creative process: he works on sculpture according to the spaces that the body inhabits and practices. A projection appears as an organic form, a solidified material, ready to be transformed. On the ground is Alter, a series of sculptures composed of plaster, bird picks and minerals, the artist creates a kind of archeological landscape. The pieces, by their strange appearance, attract and repel at the same time. They can evoke natural processes, a kind of elements resulting from vanished worlds.


The artist also offers visitors sculptures being transformed, a testimony to a work in constant evolution. Praxis is an installation in process. It presents pieces and shapes, such as elements waiting to be moved and displayed. These traces, fragments of research create art while evoking the space of the workshop.


This exhibition, produced with the artist and the exhibition curator Mickaël Roy, invites spectators to a perceptive experience of space. Porte Renaud extends his experimentation with sculpture, the material overflows and fits into the architecture of the place.


An exhibition of Porte Renaud to be discovered until 5th July.

Pauline Lisowski

30th June 2015

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L'Alsace june 13th/juin 2015


Material to be seen, material to be thought in Le Séchoir


Two exhibitions were launched last week in Le Séchoir: "The other's dust" by a resident artist, porte renaud, and "No(w) Future" by the students of the Haute école des arts du Rhin (Rhin art school). Two works on material.


Gaëlle Busson


No(w) Future is the result of a collective exhibition. Eleven students of the Haute école des arts du Rhin (Hear) spent three days cut off from the rest of the world, halfway up a mountain. Each in their own way, they then displayed this journey in a work exhibited at Le Séchoir. Regarding porte renaud, he invites visitors to have a journey in the meanders of passing time using old modelling clay fossils and other strange things. The other's dust, his exhibition, can be seen until 5th July. A joint vernissage took place last Friday and gave the opportunity to artists to share some anecdotes and tell about their work, in this unusual place in Mulhouse: Le Séchoir.


"We had our students walked a lot. Some found this journey painful, it was hard physically. But they all were able to draw a lot of inspiration from it. Look around you, every artwork is unique." says Didier Kiefer, a teacher of engraving at the Hear school in Mulhouse, and Charles Kalt, a colleague from the Hear school in Strasbourg, invited a small group of students in a workshop called "off limits". A name perfectly adapted to the experience. In November, they spent three days in a chalet with no electricity. Their time was divided between some walks in the Frankenthal natural reserve and some visits to the Gaschney ski station. "We wanted students to understand the result of human actions on nature by observing the contrasts between both landscapes", Didier Kiefer adds.


"We are not scared about future"


Students were particularly marked by the difference with their everyday routine. "The night came at 5pm. We couldn't wash our hair at all and there was no battery anymore in our mobile... But it was extraordinary", explains Héloïse Monfourny, a student at the Hear school in Mulhouse. The poetry in the landscapes and the colours she observed were a source of inspiration to create "Punctilious stamping", an artwork with embroidery and engraving. Her friend, Laurane Le Goff, created from scratch a ball gown, by engraving on the tissue prints with lichen collected during the journey. "The ball gown reminds me of the future. We are always said we should be anxious about the future. But when I see how I created it, I think we just have to be creative. The world is resourceful." Étienne Hubert, a student at the Hear school in Strasbourg, displayed his work live. He sanded a plasterboard, revealing thin pieces of wood. "It was created based on a picture of the primary forest we observed. Sanding it revealed an archeological idea I like."


"As if they were solidified in the time"


Archaeology is also one of porte renaud's sources of inspiration. He is a resident artist in Le Séchoir. For his fourth exhibition, he wanted to play with the codes of the artistic world, question the visitors and develop his artistic project. "These are trilobites. At least, their moulding, made with modelling clay. The visitors will have to lean to understand these are fossils." As a passionate, he easily conveys his enthusiasm. "And here, look at this. A gentleman told me he saw them as if they were characters solidified in the time." The artist talks about strange sculptures made of sparkling concrete. He questions the body and materials since he started creating artworks. "Some day I was explained that the crystals inside some stones resulted from the putrefaction of animals trapped in the stone. Isn't it a beautiful concept? Viscus turned into jewels..."


A workshop to play with the materials of the workshop


This exhibition The other's dust would not have been possible without the curator's work, Mickaël Roy. He explains his role was totally different than an exhibition curator. "The curator accompanies, spends time with the artists to help them highlight some aspects of their project." Mickaël Roy invites people to take part in a hands-on workshop today 13th June at 11am at Le Séchoir. Free admission. The visitors will be able to work on materials taken from porte renaud's workshop. Don't miss this experience!



Exhibitions No(w) Future until 14th July and The other's dust by porte renaud until 5th July. Le Séchoir, 25 rue Josué Hofer in Mulhouse. Website:

(under photos)

The artist -porte renaud- and the exhibition curator, Mickaël Roy.

Étienne Hubert realized his live feed artwork during the opening.
Laurane and her dress with lichen prints.



L'Alsace june 2nd/juin 2015


And 2 exhibitions in Le Séchoir


On Friday 5th June at 6:30pm, the vernissage of the new exhibition presented by the team working for Le Séchoir in Mulhouse, in the framework of their activities in 2015: No(w) Future, in partnership with the Hear - Haute école des arts du Rhin (Rhin art school).


The exhibition No(w) Future follows a workshop organized by the Hear in November 2014, during the week "Off limits". The workshop took place in the Frankenthal natural reserve and the Gaschney ski station, in the Vosges département. Going with Guy Stephan, a forest ranger, and their teachers Charles Kalt and Didier Kiefer, students in Mulhouse and Strasbourg school sites were led to develop an ethical and critical point of view on the landscape they observed. Over three days, they kept in memory their feelings in order to produce an exhibition for plastic creations and transcriptions (drawings, pictures, collection of materials, sound recordings, coloured sensations, etc.)


At the same time, porte renaud is launching an exhibition entitled The other's dust, from 5th June to 5th July. porte renaud was born in 1987 and lives in Berlin. He frequently comes to Mulhouse to participate in activities in Le Séchoir, a project he is one of the founding members. As an artist, he develops a sculptural practice questioning the body, memory and printing of time in the material. Moreover, he is a curator for Adsum, an initiative in Berlin, and coresponsible of the French network Dédale, a structure aiming at producing and helping artistic discoveries for social action. The other's dust is his fourth personal exhibition. You can now discover his work at the île MoulinSart art center in Fillé-sur-Sarthe, near Le Mans.


For this exhibition, the artist stabilizes sculptural propositions, part of his last researches, and gives new versions of previous works. This presentation thus enables a genealogy in his work as well as questions the exhibition context itself.



Vernissage on Friday 5th June at 6:30pm at Le Séchoir, 25 rue Josué Hofer, in Mulhouse. Website:

Other websites:;

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