le ciel est bleu, la mer est verte

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Sud Ouest october 1st/octobre 2016


Visitors are invited today by the visual artist Renaud Porte.

Picture by Pierre Meunié


Visual Art First, visitors have to take off their shoes to walk on sandpaper. Welcome to the Bletterie workshop, where the visual artist porte renaud (with no capital letters, as he wishes) is currently invited. The artist has come to La Rochelle to create and stroll like a tourist. The exhibition "The sky is blue, the sea is green" represents a laboratory of shapes and sculptures whose public is a stakeholder. The visitors have been invited to have their foot moulded, leaving a print in the material. From Tuesday to Saturday from 2:00 to 7:00 pm. You can meet the artist today at 2:00 pm.



M+ july 21st/juillet 2016


The sentence of the week


"The exhibition curator, Pauline Lisowki, discovered my work during one of my exhibitions in Mulhouse. Afterwards, we decided to collaborate and organize this project of residence and exhibition "The sky is blue, the sea is green". As I often do in my approach, I will establish collective and plastic experiences with people around the question of territory."


porte renaud, a visual artist and sculptor from Mulhouse, invited this summer at the residence in La Rochelle. www.reseau-dedale.fr



L'Alsace july 17th/juillet 2016


Getting out of the workshop to create


In parallel with the Dédale projects, Porte Renaud also wants to "get out of the workshop and meet ordinary people, in an unknown territory, to interact". That's why he is launching a crowdfunding on the KissKissBankBank platform to get €1987 in order to realize a project of "artistic tourism" in La Rochelle next month. The idea of the visual artist and sculptor is to take place in a touristic site in the city, call out to strangers and have them involved in the creation of new artworks, which then will be reused in his next exhibition planned in the Bletterie workshop, in La Rochelle, from 30th September to 15th October.

The pot for this project entitled "The sky is blue, the sea is green" is open until 30th July on the website www.kisskissbankbank.com


Constance Meyer

articles published at the time of the residency and the exhibition/ 
articles publiés à l’occasion de la résidence et de l'exposition :
le ciel est bleu, la mer est verte