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Iconoclasses 2015
(press review/revue de presse)


​Le Courrier Cauchois february 13th/février 2015

Artist's residence at the Jean-XIII high school


High school students reveal their works


  "Over the last 2 weeks, sciences students at the Jean-XXIII high school were able to express their different passions by experimenting an artistic practice. The artist porte renaud guided them so they understand the notions and stakes in contemporary art, especially the notion of movement which was expressed in the projects they invented." This is an extract of the text presenting the exhibition, written by the group of students in charge of its organization.

  The Jean-XXIII private high school takes part in the Iconoclasses project for three years, in collaboration with the Duchamp gallery, which aims at "making students think about visual arts, and more particularly about contemporary sculpture, but also showing them concretely the artist's creative approach, the relation created with the public, the process of creating an exhibition, from its development to its communication plan", Guillaume Dando summarizes, a teacher of French language, in charge of the project.

  He invited this year the visual artist porte renaud, from 26th January to 6th February in a residence. The artist, who lives and works in Berlin, has come back to France for 6 months to participate and exhibit his artworks in various residences (Yvetot, Poitiers art school and Le Mans). porte renaud extended his stay for a few days in Yvetot to guide the students in the exhibition's vernissage on Tuesday afternoon.


On the job


  During this residence, porte renaud invited the students to participate in a creation of him by inventing on their own the shape they wanted using plaster, salt and pigments. A good opportunity to start being on the job. These shapes, reworked by the artist, will all be suspended on a cable to form a "participative artwork entitled Flock" and presented during the final exhibition of the Iconoclasses project, next September at the Duchamp gallery.

B  ut the exhibition presented until 20th February will gather the artworks produced by the students only, that they created in small groups during the workshops porte renaud organized. The "water key" represents the art of reusing adhesive tape to explore the notions of water, lightness, etc. The "makeshift shelter" is a participative installation inviting the visitors to leave a print in turn... The students had a great imagination. It was the first time they invited and worked with an artist. They all enjoyed the experience, despite the stress they had about succeeding the oral exam in French language over the same week.

  The exhibition is open to the public for free. You just have to contact the Jean-XXIII high school at


(under the picture)

Last Tuesday, a few hours before the vernissage of the exhibition organized by the Jean-XXIII students, the group, their teacher and the artist were working hard to finish their exhibition.



Paris Normandie february 13th/février 2015

YVETOT. Students at the Jean-XXIII high school exhibit their artworks made with the artist porte renaud until 20th February.


Contemporary art in a high school


Born in Amiens, Renaud Porte, whose artist name is "porte renaud", is a polyvalent visual artist recently settled in Berlin. A graduate of the Limoges fine art school, he enjoys using materials such as plaster or clay but also everyday items, like adhesive tape and cardboard.

In the framework of the "Iconoclasses" program, organized by the Duchamp gallery, Renaud Porte spent two weeks in residence at the Jean-XXIII high school, with sciences students and their teacher of French language, Guillaume Dando.


Surrealist artworks


The artist guided students on the tracks of contemporary art, especially the notion of movement. Thus they got aware of the relation between the artist and the public and the contact which can be created with the sculpture.

While some of the students created surrealist artworks bearing evocative names (The water key, Last minute, The creature, Untitled, The makeshift shelter, etc.), some others were in charge of organizing the exhibition in an exclusive space.



The exhibition can be seen at the Jean-XXIII high school until 20th February. You can set up an appointment at 02 35 95 04 85.


(under the picture)

Renaud Porte (left) and high school students

article published at the time of the exhibition/ 
article publié à l’occasion de l'exposition :
Les Iconoclasses XVII

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